“I had a great experience, Daniel did my consultation and treatment. I was curious about how the equipment worked as it was my first time and she was very knowledgeable and gladly answered all my questions. Also, in just one treatment, Half an inch is gone I still have more sessions and am excited for more results. Highly recommend! “

Ashley L.

“My first time at the spa and having Radio Frequency Skin Tightening. Lauren is a wonderful esthetician – thorough and answered all of my questions before we started. No pressure on scheduling the next visit and told me the facts. Plus she looks amazing – I’ll have what she’s having!! ”

Alexandra S.

“Danielle went above and beyond to give me the best Thermalift treatment. She told me all about the treatment, what to expect and what other treatments might benefit me. She did half my face and stopped to show me the difference to the treated side. Also, she was so nice to talk! The office was relatively easy to find, the receptionist was very nice and my wait time was not more than 10 minutes. I’ll be looking to go to New Leaf for future”

Kelly H.

“I have had skin tightening and thermal lift treatments at New Leaf. Danielle was very helpful and informative about the procedures and I felt the results were noticeable and lasting. I am definitely going back for more treatments.”

Ruth A. 

“Highly recommend. Met with Treena for consultation and first treatment. She was very professional. Gave me a ton of information about the procedure and expectations. She was very friendly and answered all my questions. I’m looking forward to go back for more treatments.“

Diane J.

“Danielle was amazing and very helpful. The results were fantastic too! You instantly see a big difference afterwards. I was glowing and the results were absolutely incredible. I would highly recommend this to anyone. “


“Treena was wonderful and attentive. I was impressed to see a difference after the first treatment and I will be back. The machines are nice and new but it looks like New Leaf spent all their money on their machines.“

Sara S.

“Had a great experience at Leaf. Greens explained everything in detail. She made sure I was comfortable the entire way through. Definitely recommend! “

Barbi B.

“Lauren was great! She explained everything. I’m excited about next visits. Lost 1” first visit! “

Tmk K.

“I had my first appointment and didn’t know what to expect. Danielle explained everything to me in layman’s terms so I thoroughly understood the procedure I was about to have. I was very pleased with the immediate result and am looking forward to see the results as they progress. I definitely recommend New Leaf and Danielle. “


“I have had two Thermalift sessions with Danielle and can’t wait to do a third! She knows her craft so well and explains every step of the procedure to a detail. But more importantly, is that you see immediate results that will keep on getting better with time. Win! Win! “

Oriana N.

“Had such a great appointment with Danielle. She knows all about the devices she uses & gives you such detailed information on the questions you ask her, extremely knowledgeable. I loved the fact that she did one side of my face so i can see the difference & boy was there a difference indeed. I can’t wait for my 2nd appointment in 2 weeks. “

Marlena C.

“I booked a facelift session with Danielle and I’m so glad I did. I can already see improvement in the elasticity in my face and neck, and it has only been one session. She did half of my face and showed me in the mirror the results. Pretty cool that you could see the difference. Can’t wait to go back for more! “

Margaret X.

“Danielle was awesome! She is very knowledgeable about the procedures and explains everything clearly. I have only had one session, but I can already tell a difference in the density of the area worked on. I’m excited to see the final results! “

Lindsey T.

“The staff went above and beyond to insure I was satisfied with my results. Was surprised I noticed a difference after my first treatment. Will be back.“

Stephanie S.

“New Leaf cosmetic is awesome! I loved the service! Danielle is very professional and super nice! “

Carolina P.

“I immediately saw a difference in my skin texture, hydration and fine lines in just one session. Unbelievable how one treatment on my face and neck made this much of a difference. Happy I took advantage of this deal at New Leaf Cosmetic Centers. I will be back soon…. thank you! Until next time 🙂 “

Roseanne N.

“I would definitely recommend New Leaf CC! It’s clean and they have great customer service. I saw Lauren, and she took her time to explain the procedure. I had a mini ultra lift and then lift. I can see how it can help as a preventive treatment. There is the upsale portion, but no pressure to do more sessions. I will go back.”

– Joy