Miracle ultra sonics!

“The staff were so kind and professional. The treatment was painless and showed instant results. My legs felt smooth and I highly recommend this office for their services and prices! “

–  Deb J

Instant Results!

“I went in for my first treatment yesterday not knowing what to expect, I have never had body treatments done before. The facility was very clean and the staff very professional and made you feel very comfortable. I had the ultrasonics procedure where they target an area to reduce the fat ‑ I chose inner thigh. They take your measurements before and after treatment and I lost over an inch on each thigh! Then the next day I took measurements myself and it went down over another 1/4 of an inch. I love that they are instant results you can see and it’s guaranteed. Ellie was very easy to work with and set up the right plan for me. Absolutely worth it! I am hopeful that my next visit will help me get even closer to my goal.”

–  MaryEllen P

A dream come true!

“I purchased 2 ultra‑lift treatments for myself and 2 for a friend and we each got a 3rd treatment free because I referred him. Then because we booked our appointments at the Ladera Ranch location, which only offers the therma‑lift treatment, they upgraded us from the ultra‑lift to the more effective and expensive therma‑lift. The office is gorgeous, the staff are beyond friendly and helpful. The only thing left to do is wait for those amazing results. What a dream come true! I highly recommend Beverly Hills Ultrascult Centers.”

–  stephanie d


“I had my first treatment and it was amazing. There is no pain or discomfort before or after. I recommend this treatment to anyone wanting a better shape for their body. It’s quick and easy with no down time. I lost half an inch in thirty minutes…. like I said awesome!”

–  Angelena G

So Excited and Impressed with Results

“I have completed my first ultra sculpt treatment. Wow! Ellie is amazing. No pain and very relaxing. The atmosphere provides a sense of calm as the technician a gentle massage to the area being treated. No pain even several hours later. The results ..1 inch loss ..YAY! Thanks for meeting my schedule and providing me with hope for a better “ME”. ♥️ “

–  Diane R

Worth Every Dime

“After my 1st visit, I was very impressed. So impressed that I bought a monthly membership. I have been going twice a month for the past 6 months. Have tried numerous services & treated multiple areas. Love the Therma‑Lift. Can’t wait until after summer to do the PCA. Worth every dime !!”

–  Faye P


“I went for my first appointment and it was great. I lost 1/2 inch on my stomache. I can’t wait to go again. I would definitely recommend this ! I was skeptical like anyone else wondering if it really works!! It does!!! Try it!!”

–  Sheri H

Great pricing!

“Had the Thermalift done, great pricing and they have package maintenance deals that are really great, ask about them, will save you so much money.”

–  Tenice H

I will be back!

“I had my first treatment last Friday and today when I got up I was very impressed with the results. My face is peeling like a banana, but I can tell it looks cleaner and fresh. Also, Marie was very pleasant and informative. Thank you Marie!”

–  Paola W

First Visit for tummy

“The office is so pretty. The staff was super nice. My technician, Desiree, was so knowledgable, sweet and funny. I didn’t see any results. I don’t have alot of belly fat so it’s harder to see an impact. Waiting to see a change within the next week before I book again.”

–  Diane D

I Lost 1 1/2 Inches!

“My first visit and I lost 1 1/2″! I couldn’t believe it! I was sceptical, but after losing so much off my tummy, I booked the 17 sessions! The staff was very professional and Ellie was the greatest! I am looking forward to my next visit!”

–  Tauna A

A Great Experience!!

“I had my first treatment with Ellie who was so kind and informative. I was impressed with the results with my first treatment and look forward to further improvements with additional treatments. Thanks 🙂 “

–  Elaine L

Great Experience

“It was a great experience for my first visit. I can’t wait to see the results after a few more treatments! The office is fantastic and the staff is very nice.”

–  Angela B

Very nice staff

“I purchased a package of 7 treatments and just had my second one (hip area) and I’m starting to notice a bit of a differece, my hips don’t look as big and my clothes do feel different, a very small difference since it is only my 2nd treatment but I am hopeful I will see bigger results soon! The staff is friendly and their office location is very nice.”

–  Abby A


“I visited the Ladera Ranch facility recently, and was amazed with the professionalism and cleanliness! The ladies were so nice and accommodating; this being my first time, I was slightly nervous, but everyone was knowledgable and reassuring. I will definitely be back!”

–  Korydean P

Great Experience First Time

“Very happy with my first visit. Staff is very informative and make you feel comfortable! I saw definate results my first time, can’t wait until treatment is completed for end result!”

–  Secret M

Great experience!

“Had one treatment done to help with some belly fat that just won’t go away. Saw results right away. After one day great results. Will go back for more treatments. Staff was fantastic!”

– Dave S

Loved it

“I love the treatment. The office is beautiful and the staff is awesome. They make you feel very comfortable. Highly recommend, could not have asked for a better experience.”

–  Shauna Z

A very pleasant first experience

“I was impressed with this business from my first conversation with Andrew. I had my treatment yesterday… it was easy & perfectly comfortable. Looking forward to my next appointment & very anxious to see results. Both Ellie & Desiree were terrific.”

– Pam D

First time

“Love it and can’t wait to see results”

–  Nihal Y

Great first visit

“The treatment is easy and takes about 30 minutes. I was really surprised to see results immediately. I lost 1 inches from my tummy and very happy. Will continue for me treatments. Offices were beautiful and the staff was very friendly and helpful.”

– Marie T

First UltraSculpt Ever

“Ellie was so wonderful I just wanted to adopt her and take her home with me. The office is beautiful and the staff is very sweet and knowledgeable. I lost 1 inch of belly fat from that first visit and can’t wait to watch my waist shrink more from future treatments!”

–  Julie L

first visit

“TMona was amazing. I was little apprehensive, and she not only calmed me down but educated my during the entire treatment. I was shocked with the results ‑ it was much better than I’d anticipated. Thanks Mona ‑ I’ll be back!”

– Nancy M

Amazing Staff! Yet Cautiously Optimistic About the Treatment

“I was blown away by the staff’s professionalism and courtesy. It is so rare to go anywhere these days and be made to feel special and like you actually matter! Five stars for customer service! I spoke with Andrew over the phone and Ellie in office. Both were very knowledgeable and I ended up buying a large package ‑ maybe biting off a little bit more than I could chew, but we’ll see. My technician, Marie? (yikes, I’m very bad with names!) was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. The treatment did not hurt at all, it just felt warm and the only discomfort was gthe loud noise of the high frequency ultrasonic cavitation. She explained what she was doing at all times and when the treatment was over, she remeasured me I apparently lost 0.5 inches on each thigh. I followed all of the post‑procedure instructions and I’m crossing my fingers this treatment works for the long‑term as promised. But I’m proceeding with caution because I don’t want to be disappointed.”

– Mabel C

first time….

“Nice facility, wonderful staff, I was given lots of time. Mona is great! I am hopeful that the treatment package I purchased will produce results… I’ll let you know. Very happy with the first visit.”

– Beth H

great place

“I Had my first visit I was a bit nervous at first but Ana put me at ease, she was wonderful knowledgeable, pleasant and friendly answered all my questions I lost 1/2 inch in my belly, I will definitely come back the facility is beautiful, I will recommend Beverly ultra sculpting, I already feel my belly is getting smaller and my clothes fit loose, Thank you”


First treatment

“My experience with the staff was great. Everyone is kind, professional, and informative. I have only had one treatment, but I like the guarantee offered with the package. My results are minimal, but I think I will see more as my treatments continue.”

– RC W

Great experience

“Very pleasant staff, nice , kind and informative. Everybody is so knowledgeable! I loved the consultation and my first treatment was very comfortable. I am looking forward to see the permanent result.”

– Dorothy C

Ultra Sculpt

“Excellent staff and environment. Waiting to see if I can see any change. I was measured before & after and was told I lost half an inch on each leg. Time will tell… Will probably get it done again.”

– Joan S


“First visit was yesterday and my face feels wonderful, will need to wait to see results but this morning I could feel the improvement in my skin… loved the treatment , it was so relaxing and Marie did a fabulous job explaining the procedure…. will be sure to add an update after my next apt….: )”

– Karen Y

great first visit

“reserving judgment until after results seen”

– linda a

Ultra Sculpt

“Mona made me feel comfortable. Overall good experience. Noticed some improvement on first visit. I initially thought that the location was in Irvine, which is what it said on the Living Social ad when I first puchased the Living Social deal. Would love it if there were an Irvine location.

– Eileen R


“Beautiful atmosphere, great staff, enjoyed every minute. The results were great, lost inches and my clothes fit a lot better. Can’t wait to go back for more treatments.! Thank You”

– Carol R

Well worth it and excited to continue

“I am a clinical scientist, and after viewing safety information and technique videos, I had my first ultrasound cavitation consultation and session yesterday. My area of focus was my lower abdomen. I had a C‑section seven years ago, due to a transferase breach delivery, that cut me for hip to hip. Even at size 2 and exercising and eating right, this area was a challenge. I lost 1/2 an inch immediately. I noticed my shorts fit a little looser too. I might mention that I met both technicians and both were nice. I really liked my technician and the ease I felt with her. I followed the aftercare directions and got a full night’s rest. In the morning I saw an even more noticeable change. I am excited to see what my measurement change is even before my next treatment. I had read that an average of four sessions would yield good results, so I purchased four treatment sessions.”

– Dyan C

Very Pleased Customer

“I had my first ultra sonic appointment in my abdomen area on 7/24 I lost 1in and was very pleased, I had been a little leary but decided to go ahead and did it anyway and boy was I glad I did, not only did I see results, the staff was wonderful, my tech. Was awesome she explained everything answered all my questions, gave me tips basically put any doubts I had out the door. I even bought more sessions to continue on with my body transformation. I’m not rich so I couldn’t really pay all up front so they even worked on a plan that worked for both of us. Awesome again . Thx B.H.US.C. for making me feel at ease the moment I walked through the doors. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone interested in losing some hard to get rid of that fat build up. So again if your contemplating don’t rest assured you won’t regret it. Can’t wait for my next session.”

– Evangelina W

Great Experience

“All of the staff members I came in contact with where polite, friendly and professional. I was very comfertable during my treatment and the technician was patient and answered all my questions. The best part is I could see results! I drank my water but I didnt have time to exercise and I still had a positive outcome. Im motivated to keep working out, eating healthy and getting more treatments.”

– Trina D

Great visit

“I just had my first session of Ultrasonics. The procedure was very comfortable and the technician was great. The entire staff was very friendly. I can’t wait for my next session!”

– Crystal K

loved it

“Staff was wonderful Marie did my treatment session she was super nice, lost a couple of inches next day my tummy seems to b even smaller will definitely go back.”

– Shauna R


“I had an awesome experience. The staff is just fabulous. They are truly very caring people and want you to be happy. You see results even after the first visit. Believe me, when you come out of there your going to be smiling!!!”

– Norma M

the best firs visit

“I was so nervous at my appointment because ive tried alot of places offering these type of services and i never was satisfied ..the people were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and the tje first treatment was even satisfying i had my thighs done and noticed right away a difference that i am definetly going back NEXT WEek for more!!”

– cathy mary O

Can’t wait to go back

“What an awesome experience. I lost 1 1/2 inch off my love handles. I can’t wait to go back. I bought 10 sessions and will continue to work on abdomen. Great office and staff.”

– Heather E

Awesome experience

“Great office and staff. I lost 2 inches around my bra line. So excited to go back for more.”

– Terri E

Very Satisfied

“Beautiful office. Very friendly staff, I did the ultrasonic cavitation procedure and got the deal off Groupon. The whole process was relaxing and comfortable. Purchased more sessions after seeing slight loss in my stomach. Hoping to see great results! “

– Shweta G

So Far Very Pleased

“After only one treatment ultrasonic I can tell it did work. The staff was very friendly and very pleasant. I noticed a lot of reviews complaining about the them, maybe they got new front desk staff but I had no complaints. My technician was very sweet and knowledgable. As far as money, they worked with me on what fit in my budget and even offered complimentry visit to try the treatment before I buy. I am much looking forward to my return visits and more results.”

– Melissa A

Got to say it, it works..

“Great experience from the moment I walked into the door. staff was very friendly and answered all my questions making me feel comfortable with the procedure. First treatment is already showing positive results, looking forward to next treatment.”

– Michael L


“Had an awesome experience. Can’t wait for my next appointment! ! Very professional and clean. Would highly recommend to anyone that wants to look and feel better”

– Chris C


“I had gotten a voucher from amazon local. my visit went great and the technicians were awesome”

– John A

Results After First Treatment

“I had treatment on my “love handles” and you can see the results right away. Make sure you follow the pre and post treatment directions for optimal results. I purchased the 20 sessions and I can’t wait to see the final results”

– Emmanuel A

Great Experience

“The staff was great. I went in for my inner thighs and lost 1″ after the procedure. Not sure if I lost more than that but I feel a difference in my pants, so that’s a great thing. I will be going back again, looking forward to wearing shorts again.”

– Denise S

pleasantly surprised

“I was so happy with the service and results. I had my inner thighs done always a problem even with diet and exercise. I just started a new healthy lifestyle and I believe with this adjunct to clean eating and exercise I will see more results faster and prevent sagging. .5 inches from each leg after one treatment looking forward to the final results”

– Teri D

Results first session

“Amazing result with each treatment! The treatment is on my entire face and neck. Everyone noticed my skin had tighten. I feel wonderful & can see the difference. It is a comfortable relaxing environment. The staff is attentive and professional. Most important they listen and achieve the results you want. In 2013‑2014 I searched in Yorba Linda, Newport, OC, Tustin, & Rowland Heights. I found staff neglected basic client skills like service and I did not get results from costly treatments. One location my treatment was 10 minutes ONLY on one area‑ my checks and she used baby oil causing my skin to breakout. Ready to quick my research until I spoke with Andrew and he explained the differences in machines in market place. He assured me I would be happy. I am very grateful to him and staff @ Beverly Hills Ultra. My treatments are awesome and I am so happy with results. “

– Angel A

very excited!

“I just went on for one session on the saddle bag area on my thighs and can definitely see a difference! This is a trouble zone for me that diet and exercise hasn’t exactly gotten rid of so I’m really excited to see the results after more treatments. Staff was very friendly and professional.”

– sami t


“so far only one treatment , but i see small results…by my own measurements..thing is dont know if its me keeping up with diet and exercise or the treatments or combination both…dont know..either way great service relaxing informative …talk me through the whole treatment..”

– unknown k


“The staff is awesome the cater to your needs they make you feel right at home. I had the cellulite treatment done i seen a little results then when i came for A second treatment i began to see more it really works no pain at all feels like your getting a message..”

– Meme R

Better than I imagined

“When I came in I was seen right away. And the procedure and setting was comfortable and welcoming. The staff was super and attentive. I will be back in next week!”

– Allison W

Very good results

“I lost 1 1/2 inchs lower stomach and the next day I lost another 2 inchs. That was all I needed ! My goal was 3inchs . I will be back again!”

– Nicole S

Very Personable

“The experience was interesting and no pressure as I was just trying it out. All the staff members were courteous and very personable. I was happy with the result of of losing 1 1/2″ around the waist with just one treatment. I am considering continuing treatments.”

– Evelyn D


“I loved everyone there! They are all polite and make you feel very comfortable. Would recommend to everyone!”

– Trisha

Great 1st Visit

“I love the place, staff and the treatment. I’m told I lost 1 1/2 inches and I believe that but have to see if it’s sustained after treatment. I drank my water and did my aerobics following the procedure. I will opt for another session and hoping it makes a continued difference. The Staff is awesome and the cost is moderate.”

– Carol J

Very Pleased!

“I had the ultrasonic cavitation on my upper thigh area and it has only been one day so there is little noticeable difference. Immediately there was a tighter smoother appearance, but I hope there will be more results in about 1‑2 weeks. I have another treatment scheduled for 2 weeks from now and hope for more improvement. The staff were very pleasant and professional! Can’t wait to go back!”

– Lisa P

Excellent Service

“I bought two deals through Groupon, one for myself and one for my fiance. We liked it! He lost 1 inch & I lost half an inch. I realize we need more treatments to continue to see results, but I enjoyed the staff and the procedure. We want to become members soon!”

– Denise H

Awesome Experience!!

“Had the therma‑lift facial for the 1st time. The service was Outstanding!! I noticed some result. But like any cosmetic procedure, it takes a few days to notice the difference. I’m excited to see more results in the upcoming days. I have also scheduled another facial treatment. Scheduling my future appt. Online was quick and easy.”

– Jackie L


“Wow! I lost 2 inches on my first visit!! Came back for the Therma‑Lift face treatment and I was so pleased, it made a huge difference in the way my face looked. I love Ultra Sculpt Centers :‑)”

– Carrie G

Very Pleased

“Recently I had a consultation appointment and also got my first treatment, and I must say, the facility is very nice, and the staff was very professional and kind. I I’ll definitely return, and share this with my friends.”

– Yvonne T


“Desirie and the staff were exceptional! She explained everything and answered all of my questions. Gave me advice on what else I could do to enhance the procedure. I highly recommend BH Ultra Sculpt Center!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

– Steven S

Happy! Happy!

“First I like to say the Staff was wonderful. Alexis was very nice and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable with her. Now for my results.. I came in not expecting to loss more than 1/2 inch to and 1 inch from my lower tummy. Well once the procedure was completed I had lost 2 and 1/2 inches. I was so happy and excited that when I woke up this morning I had to measure again and to my surprise I lost another inch. Wow! I couldn’t be happier. They have a life long client now and I can’t wait to my second visit.. I love it!”



“Awesome and professional staff. Lovely offices. Results are awesome and affordable. Would highly recommend to friends and family.”

– Dena L


“Have to admit, I had read all the reviews beforehand so was disappointed at only losing 1/2″ the first visit (since I have so many TO lose in my abs), but l couldn’t help but feel like I lost more all the rest of the day! My tummy just felt firmer or something. And now, the next day, I measured and see that another 1/2″ is gone. It feels wonderful knowing there is hope! Natalie is the best!”

– Jackie A

Natalie Was Fabulous

“It was my first visit and your offices were wonderful and the technician was awesome!”

– Patti E

Excited to see my end results!

“I had my first visit with technician Desiree. She was extremely comforting and personable. There wasn’t any pain or discomfort. I was actually very relaxed and as soon as my visit was over, I signed up for a multiple package. All the staff was super great and I look forward to seeing my new sculpted body after my package is over. Oh…by the way, after only one visit, I lost 1″ from my mid section already. Great job guys!!! Thank You”

– Tracy M

Awesome experience

“All the girls, Desiree, Susie, & Mona, on staff were amazing. Desiree explained the procedure thoroughly. I work out 5 times a week but couldn’t get rid of some stomach fat no matter how much or how hard I worked that area. I completed my first procedure yesterday & I have already had noticeable results. I’m very glad I decided to do it. I’m looking forward to my next appointment. I highly recommend this to everyone.”

– Louis F


“Staff was incredible, procedure was well explained and results were seen and felt with the first visit.”

– celia e


“Finally there is an answer to my hibernation. I had my 1st time experience & I am estatic to have found the answer. I was so excited to hear that I lost 1 inch on my 1st session (I call them my bolas) on my lower back & it felt wonderful. Not to mention the staff was awesome & understanding. Definitely becoming a member for life and recommending it to everyone I know.”

– Wendy R

Top notch

“Very friendly and professional staff. Great first experience. I lost an inch on my lower abdomen. Looking forward to my next session.”

– Deborah M

Staff is awesome and so are the results

“Had an awesome first visit my tech Natalie was amazing and made me feel comfortable, that same day I saw results, I am satisfied and can’t wait to continue treatment to finally get rid of stuburn areas. Thanks Ultra Sculpt “

– Kim L


“I had the greatest first experience with a treatment on my lower abdominal. I lost 1/2 inch and the next day I noticed an even flatter tummy! So easy and painless. The staff makes its comfortable and painless. I am so happy I didn’t decide on getting surgery to help reach my fitness goals. I highly recommend anyone! Trust me, you wont regret it. Which is why I already booked my second appointment. I’m so excited!”

– Veronica M

This is the real thing!!

“Do you know how many places I would be willing to travel 4 hours one way by public transportation?! ONLY this one! I’m very skeptical, but this sounded so non‑invasive that its the first “new thing” I had to try. Mona, Desiree and Natalie are all exceptionally awesome, kind, sincere, understanding women. I’ve had one treatment on my arms and one on my stomach. I really can tell a difference already. I don’t see horrid cottage cheese on the back of my arms like I did last week. I know my waist measured an inch less right after the treatment, but more importantly, I can feel my stomach a little less. I wish I could come every week!! Everyone made me feel like it was just so okay to be who I am now, but supportive of being better. They go me over my initial disgust of my extra pounds, and with this place, these treatments, continuing healthy eating and exercise, I’m going to be drop dead gorgeous (again lol!) SOON!! Thank you all for being so wonderful!! “

– Laurie W


“All I can say is that the staff was amazing. Rosie was so great at making me feel relaxed and comfortable. I’ve only had one treatment and I can’t wait to go back for more. I highly recommend Beverly Hills Ultra Sculpt Center.”

– Kendra G

Great Expreince!!

“I know that my first treatment, I was advised that I did lose 1 inch around my belly. I can state that the entire staff from the receptionist to all the other staff who actually perform the liposculpture are very positive and friendly. I felt very comfortable from day 1 and am looking forward to my 3rd treatment soon. Both Desiree and Natalie are very friendly and there are no hard sales going on to get you to buy more treatments.”

– Sylvia T

World Class!

“The staff was absolutely incredible, professional, and courteous! The treatment itself was very effective (I lost 3/4 of an inch immediately and am continuing to lose). I highly recommend this center for anyone who is interested in a fast, safe way to assist in their weight loss.”

– Kristen X

Instant Results

“After only my first visit I lost a 1/2 inch from both thighs and I am still seeing results days after my treatment. The experience was very relaxing like getting a massage and losing weight at the same time, losing weight doesnt get much easier than this.”

– Devrah E

Very pleased

“Beverly Hills ultra sculpt was very accommodating as I needed a last minute appointment for an event and they made it a priority to squeeze me in. Very nice and relaxing experience and very clean and professional. I will be referring a girlfriend or two for sure!”

– Alisha W

Great place very relaxing

“The staff was very nice and professional and my Tech is so great easy to talk to and listen to. I’ll be back”

– Rick R

Excellent and friendly staff

“I had my first appointment and every body was nice and pleasant,there was no pressure to buy any other treatments,I lost 1 inch one the first day and I was so pleased with the results and the staff I purchased 12 more treatments”

– Rebecca L

Very excited

“My experience was pleasant and the staff was great, I look forward to my next appointment, and smaller thighs.”

– Tracee B

New Leaf Cosmetic Centers ‑Fantastic

“Incredible! I would give this place 6 stars if I could! It is painless, relaxing, clean, professional ‑ everyone there is AMAZING ‑ they make you feel so comfortable. And it works too! I lost 11/2 inches off my stomach area which has been such a problem area for me! I will be back!”

– Joyce W

Great place very relaxing

“The staff was very nice and professional and my Tech is so great easy to talk to and listen to. I’ll be back”

– Rick R

Excellent and friendly staff

“I had my first appointment and every body was nice and pleasant,there was no pressure to buy any other treatments,I lost 1 inch one the first day and I was so pleased with the results and the staff I purchased 12 more treatments”

– Rebecca L

Excellent customer service

“Staff is super friendly, they are not pushy trying to sale their services. I saw results immediately. I recommend to everyone who is thinking I trying this method to do it. Give if a chance and you will see results right away.”

– Maria T

Great experience

“Mona was very nice. I am impressed with the procedure and plan to do more.”

– Kathy K

Sooooo Relaxing

“I had my first appt yesterday 1/21/13 & it was so calming & absolutely pain free, Mona was so friendly, she made me like we had been knowing each other for years..I lost an Inch & a half off my tummy & will definitely be going back for more….”

– helen b


“I went for my first treatment last night and I have already lost 2.5″! My technician was amazing and I am convinced that this will help me rid of my 8‑year old baby fat.”

– Qiana R

Cavitation Liposculpture by New Leaf Cosmetic Centers is the only way to go!

“I have had two treatment so far and have been absolutely thrilled with the results that I am seeing already. The treatment was relaxing and easily soothing. There were no needles involved, no poking or probing and completely painless. I can’t say enough about how friendly and professional the staff has been. Those of you Men and Women looking to eliminate those unwanted fatty problem areas and even cellulite which have proven to be exercise and diet resistent. Don’t go anywhere else and over pay for painful and not completely satisfied results. There are neither any expensive compression garments required. You will absolutely love this Cavitation Liposculpture treatment which has been made completely affordable to fit anyones budget. It is simply amazing.”

– Nancy G

Amazing Results

“I so thrilled with my new figure, their procedure literally transformed my figure. My husband loves it and compliments me all the time. I love the attention. Thank you.”

– Summer C

Very Happy

“I have to say this cavitation liposculpture is wonderful, I love my new look, a smaller waist, thighs and no more muffin top! And the most incredible thing is that it is absolutely pain free and I got immediate results. I plan to do even more appointments, and the staff is so nice to work with.”

– Misty S

Second Visit

“Had a very enjoyable visit with knowledgeable staff. Booked another visit. Got the promised discount that they advertised. Will go back again.”

– Mary M.


“Great experience for me, got a group on deal to do a laser lipo treatment ‑ turns out, you need to do like 6 of those to actually see a difference. But the technician was friendly, made me feel comfortable, and was a painless, relaxing experience for me. “

– Jeremy M

Happy so far.

“I know I need to lose some weight the old fashioned way but this is the safest way I’ve found to lose inches in the spots nature does not go to first. I’ve had two visits to the center and both were good experiences. The staff listened and was friendly. The procedure was easy‑even relaxing (upper and lower abs). At the very beginning I felt a bit of discomfort (like static electricity), but it was easily fixed by adding more gel to my skin. I already see some results, but need more visits. I look forward to more positive results. “

– Jenny A

nice staff!!

“went to bhs on june 9th, it was a little stressful not use to doing this but the staff was very friendly and made me feel at ease. I’ve only had the cavitation done once so far, so I did not notice much difference. I go back in a week hopefully the second treatment will show more results, overall the visit was good. I believe it also makes you try to eat better and work out because you want to see results.”

– michelle h

First Time Visitor

“I saw special on Groupon and decided to get more information before purchasing. I called and received information as to what I was looking for. By diet and exercise I was able to lose about 60lbs but i still needed target fat loss in the chest and stomach area. My first visit was for the chest area. Although there was no measurements taken I did see some results. I purchased the 20 sessions with a satisfaction guarantee. I hope i achieve the results needed. everyone was very friendly and the visit was pleasant.”

– Emmanuel A

First Time Customer

“This was my first time going to Beverly Hills Ultra Sculpt in the I.E. The staff was so friendly and the tech was fabulous. I lost 1/2 inch and hope to lose more. I wanted to try this so purchased a Groupon. So far so good. I have 2 more visits and will see how it goes.”

– Kristin G


“I was really happy with my ultrasonic treatment! I lost 1″ and am hoping to lose more with my next 2 treatments! Staff was great.”

– Toni L


“My first therma‑lift on face and neck went great. The process was painless, just felt a little bit of heat. The staff is great and I am looking forward for my next apt. It is soon to see some results, but I am positive that in a month or so my skin will be more tone and firm.”

– Micaela C

More Vouchers

“I was skeptical of the procedure, so when I saw a deal with Amazon I decided to treat myself to something different. I made an appointment, I was seen within 10 minutes of my arrival. I was able to see the results immediately and I’m going back soon.”

– Brenda D

First Visit

“Bought the initial visit through Amazon Deals. The Technician, Rose in the Inland Empire office was awesome and fun, making it a very comfortable experience. Decided that I would go for the lesser of trouble spots (my back) as I had done my research and was aware that it takes several treatments to “see” real results in the mirror not just on the tape measure. On my first trip I lost a half an inch! I was pleased that when they measure me before that she actually marked where the tape measure was originally and didn’t pull the old trick of measure a different area or pull it tighter to get a small measurement. My husband went also and lost an inch off is waist. We both signed up for more visits and are looking forward to seeing the results.”

– Kate G

Very pleased…

“The treatment was relaxing, soothing, and painless! I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to eliminate a problemed area, with no “down time”………loved it!”

– Martha H